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Financing: What does it take

We all aspire to doing great deeds and great deals. And each one of us has felt awe when other people accomplish something truly impressive, particularly when they've made it look easy. Just think about Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or even Winston Churchill. The greatness of their achievements is clear, and no one can dismiss the prominent marks they've made in human history.

But take a moment to consider how each one of these people took years to build up to greatness. If you will, think of what the newest country & western music star said about becoming an overnight success; "after 10 years of playing out-of-the-way, two-bit bars, its great!"

This reality goes for raising money too. When you want success attracting money from investors or lenders, you need to develop great material, surround yourself with a troop of accomplished band members, and practice, practice, practice your business until you get it great. Then, you need to invest the time to get your act together to the point where it is so polished, you thrill your audiences every time.

Almost any one can get one-off opportunities to perform. That's why they invented karaoke bars. But if you want lots of people to offer you tons of money, you better take the time to put a polished and appealing act together.

Tony Johnston

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